Cinnamon Toast Crunch “Coffee Shop”


Studio: Chrlx

This project was a lot of fun to be a part of. I was brought in near the end of the project to work on setting up render passes, also I worked with the compositor and created any extra passes he needed.

Jamieson “Treadmill”


Studio: Studio Pascal Blais

For this project I modeled the base model of the leaf character in a T pose.

Child Hunger Ends Here “Feed One More”


Studio: Passion Pictures NY

In this project which was directed by Saschka Unseld, the Pixar director of “The Blue Umbrella”, I was responsible for lighting, texturing, shading and rendering a number of shots using Maya and Arnold.

My shots: (in order of appearance)
07 – Box Pick up: Using a provided texture for the box, I shaded, created the lighting and rendered this shot.
08 – Twins pop-up: Created the lighting for the whole shot, including background and characters.
12 – Kitchen Scene: Using a gray kitchen model, I created all the textures, UV’s and shaders for the kitchen, in addition to the lighting for both the environment and characters.

In addition, I also created some precomps in Nuke for quick previews and worked with the compositors in creating additional passes they needed.

Hyundai “Globus – PlanetV”


Studio: SuperFad

This was a video playing on the streets of Time Square in New York City, it was one of two huge TV screens where this video was playing in one of the screens, that’s why there is no sound. Working as part of a small team, I worked mainly in the Korea scene, where I created the transition animation into the Korea scene. I modeled, textured and animated the buildings, street and part of the sidewalks. Also, I textured and animated the trees and many of the props. I created the lighting and render passes for the Korea scene except for the physical sun pass. I also worked on modeling, texturing and layout for other scenes as well.

American Express “BGR”


Studio: Logan NY

As part of a small team, I worked on modeling and cleaning up the buildings, airplane, trees and sidewalks. Also, I worked on scene layout and the ICE simulations on the airplane. The ICE simulation creating the building was done by another artist. I helped in applying the same effect to other objects and scenes. Setting passes and rendering as well.

White Castle “Brand” Get Them When You Crave Them


Studio: SuperFad

In this spot and the other, I textured and animated the logo in the beginning and the logo doors falling down. I created the layout and rotation setup of the scenes. Modeled, textured and animated most of the props like: owl, chicken, moon, fence, clock and burger cards. I also modified the logo animation at the end to fit the new timing. The props falling on the strings animation and “Rule” text exploding were done by another artist. Setup and rendered passes for the spot, created, textured and animated the clock and the text “Get Them When You Crave Them”, among other things.

White Castle “Retail” We Are Making The Bacon


Studio: SuperFad

As in the other White Castle spot, I modeled, textured and animated most of the props and text, including: owl, chicken, clock and text “We Are Making The Bacon”, etc. Except for the falling props on strings animation and the text “Rule” exploding in the beginning. I also modified the logo animation at the end to fit the new timing. Setup render passes among other things.

Folgers “Special Roast”


Studio: Ladies & Gentlemen

My responsibilities in this spot included: scene layout, animating the camera, lighting the scene and modeling of the mountains and logo. Also, texturing the two big mountains with a matte painting created by another artist. Created the render passes for the mountains except the beauty which another artist used Arnold to render it, also some of the passes for the text. Lastly started the ICE tree which used weight maps for replicating the trees.

Dusk ID 7 & ID 1


Studio: Imaginary Forces -NY

ID 7

This ID shows the full animation of the crow scene, in which I was responsible for texturing, rendering and animating the crows flying around. I also use ICE to animate the flower petals and dusts floating around them.

ID 1

I modeled, textured and animated the lighting going across her face. Also, created the final composite in After Effects.

Trowe Price “Rice”


Studio: Psyop

My responsibilities included animating the growing trees with ICE in XSI(Now AutoDesk Softimage). Some modeling, texturing and setting up passes for the compositors.