CapitalOne “Reset Boston”

Studio: EightVFX

This is 1 of 4 CapitalOne projects I worked on while at EightVFX. For this spot my responsibilities included:
-Creating the deconstruction effect in MASH from scratch and I was in charge of teaching the other artists how to use the MASH network in their scenes
-sh010 animated the deconstruction effect of the old bank in MASH, I then created a destruction cache file which was used by another artist for Shot-02
-Rendered all passes
-In Shot-04 when the actor is entering the cafe, I animated the flip effect on the walls and sign, also on the alternate version, I placed the cg table, chairs and umbrella and rendered them and the flip. In addition, I animated the sign geo to match the plate.
-Layout of the geo and other miscellaneous work