Studio: Transistor Studios

We had a lot of great and talented artists for this spot, working with the great John Payne who was the lead and TD director, I was on the animation team as well as helped with technical issues when John was busy. Although challenging, we had a lot of fun on this one.

Using MASH in Maya, I painted in the condensation on the bottles and the labels.
Jumping from shot to shot, my duties included technical support, animation, pre-viz animation, some modeling and more.

Shot 01 – Scene setup, animation of the fruit and cap going off
Shot 05 (00:05) – Scene setup and animated the fruits crossing path, also exported alembics so the Houdini artist could do the simulations
Shot 06 (00:06) – Scene setup including fruit animation, some rigging, animated the camera and the cap going off
Shot 07 (00:07 – overhead shot) – Rig and scene setup, animated the camera going up and the fruits
Shot 09 (00:10 – overhead shot) – Scene setup, camera and cap animation, I also added the alembics from other shots for the water and fruits animations
Shot 10 (00:12) – Scene setup and camera animation

I also exported geometry and alembics for the Houdini artists among other miscellaneous things.