Orkin “Points of Service”


Studio: Transistor Studios

This was a fun project to be a part of with an incredible team. I worked on about half the shots and my duties included texturing, shading, lighting and rendering as well as compositing and creating some of the 2D transitions between shots and delivering the final render.



Studio: Vayner Media

Using Maya and Arnold, I was responsible for lighting on this spot. My shots included the following:

Airport line (00:14) – I cleaned up the airport model, scene setup, modelling, texturing, shading, lighting and rendering of the CG background.

Security Line (00:20) – For this shot I was responsible for lighting, some modelling, shading, some texturing and rendering. I also worked with the compositor to render additional passes he needed.

Last shot (00:17) – Lighting and rendering of the CG baggage cart

In addition, I created the shaders for the CG luggage that were used in all shots.



Studio: Transistor Studios

We had a lot of great and talented artists for this spot, working with the great John Payne who was the lead and TD director, I was on the animation team as well as helped with technical issues when John was busy. Although challenging, we had a lot of fun on this one.

Using MASH in Maya, I painted in the condensation on the bottles and the labels.
Jumping from shot to shot, my duties included technical support, animation, pre-viz animation, some modeling and more.

Shot 01 – Scene setup, animation of the fruit and cap going off
Shot 05 (00:05) – Scene setup and animated the fruits crossing path, also exported alembics so the Houdini artist could do the simulations
Shot 06 (00:06) – Scene setup including fruit animation, some rigging, animated the camera and the cap going off
Shot 07 (00:07 – overhead shot) – Rig and scene setup, animated the camera going up and the fruits
Shot 09 (00:10 – overhead shot) – Scene setup, camera and cap animation, I also added the alembics from other shots for the water and fruits animations
Shot 10 (00:12) – Scene setup and camera animation

I also exported geometry and alembics for the Houdini artists among other miscellaneous things.

Snapple “Apple Social”


Studio: Transistor Studios

This is the other short social animation I worked on, for this one I worked on scene setup, animated the apple coming off from the label and animated the apple getting sliced in pieces, I then created an alembic which I handed off to the Houdini artist who simulated the apple falling and the pieces spreading on the floor. I also used MASH to paint in the water drops on the bottle with Maya.

Snapple “Mango Social”


Studio: Transistor Studios

This is one of the short animations we created for social media. For this one I worked on scene setup and animated the pieces of mangos coming off from the label, animated the cap going off and added the water drops on the bottle using MASH in Maya to paint them in.

Hasbro “Monopoly Gamer MarioKart”


Studio: Transistor Studios

Working on this project was cool, I spent many hours playing the Super Mario games as a child.

For this spot I was in charge of all the CG shots, this included cleaning up scenes and updating them with new animated models, shading and applying textures provided by Nintendo to all the characters, karts and all the environments. As the only lighter on this project, I worked on every CG shot from shading to rendering the final images which I handed off to the compositor.

Victoria’s Secret “Fashion Show – In Show Bombshell Nights”


Studio: Moondog

Using Maya and MASH, I painted in the gold flakes on the bottom of the bottle, I modeled the flakes to have a hexagon shape to match the real bottle. Then, I created the lighting and shaders for the bottle, I animated the camera before rendering the scene.

CNN “The 2000s”


Studio: Loyal Kaspar

Using Maya and Redshift, I worked on scene setup, shading, texturing, lighting, animation and rendering on some of the props. These included:

-Black iPod on 00:10, lighting, shading and rendering.
-V600 Flip Phone on 00:16 – animating, shading, texturing, lighting and rendering
-Droid Phone on 00:17 – Some re-modeling, shading and lighting
-Projection TV on 00:18 – Using old diagrams and photos, I modeled, textured, shaded and lit the scene before rendering it.
-Macbook Pro on 00:22 – Shading, lighting, animation and rendering of it.

Planet Fitness “Disco Ball”


Studio: Gentleman Scholar

This was a fun project to be a part of, I was brought in to do some lighting, shading and rendering among other things.

-Shot 05 (00:13) – I worked on the shading of the “30 minute circuit” model, lighting on the whole scene which included the back wall and ceiling lights, along with incorporating the model in the scene by rendering ground reflections, matching the scene’s lighting and more. Also, modeled, shaded and light the ceiling lights and using camera projection got reflections of the scene on to the 3d model.
-Shot 03 (00:06) – Ceiling light rendering and lighting and other miscellaneous fixes on other shots like logo re-rendering and addressing client’s comments.

CapitalOne “Right Now”


Studio: EightVFX

Another spot of the CapitalOne series, in this project I was responsible for
Shot-03, in which I animated the FX buildup and created all the render passes for them.