CapitalOne “Push Around Boston”

Studio: EightVFX

Another cool spot and great team. For this project my duties included:
-The reversed engineering of a MASH setup that was provided and creating my own setup for the build up effect, and I was in charge of helping other team members with questions of the MASH network
-Shot 05 – Created and rendered the background layers, including a caustics pass. Additionally, rendered the old bank and the beauty of the new bank
-Shot 06 – I created and animated the FX buildup and animation of the walls and props, including chairs, tables and floor. Each FX Flip reveal has two layers. I did not work on the animated lines, that’s another layer created by another artist. I also rendered and re-meshed the cafe walls and interior props geo so that they could be used with the MASH setup
-Shot 08 – Rendering of the props, re-meshed the old bank for the MASH network
-I also created all the render layers for my shots(05, 06, 08) and worked with the compositor by providing additional renders needed. Additionally, created animation caches for the chairs, tables and umbrella, which other artists used in other scenes.