Child Hunger Ends Here “Feed One More”

Studio: Passion Pictures NY

In this project which was directed by Saschka Unseld, the Pixar director of “The Blue Umbrella”, I was responsible for lighting, texturing, shading and rendering a number of shots using Maya and Arnold.

My shots: (in order of appearance)
07 – Box Pick up: Using a provided texture for the box, I shaded, created the lighting and rendered this shot.
08 – Twins pop-up: Created the lighting for the whole shot, including background and characters.
12 – Kitchen Scene: Using a gray kitchen model, I created all the textures, UV’s and shaders for the kitchen, in addition to the lighting for both the environment and characters.

In addition, I also created some precomps in Nuke for quick previews and worked with the compositors in creating additional passes they needed.