PediaSure “Sponge Boy – Day With Mom”

Studio: Passion Pictures NY

The second spot of the sponge series. Working with the same awesome team as the first one, we were able to complete this spot right after the other. As with the other spot my responsibilities included look development (Look Dev) and lighting in Maya, Arnold Renderer and Nuke, also setting render layers (passes) and finishing the shot by working with the compositors. Using background plates with grey and chrome balls, plus other reference objects, I match the lighting to these in Maya using Arnold and by editing the provided HDR images.

My shots included:
05-Bottle Pick Up (lighting, texturing CG bottle, rendering, etc)
06-Drinking Pediasure (lighting, texturing CG bottle, rendering, etc)
07-Height Measurement
08-Playground swings (just Look Dev for this one, render layers and rendering setup by another artist)
09-Running To Bus (lighting, CG Props, rendering, etc)
10-Backpack Pick Up

It was a blast working on these.